• Alcoholvrije Mai Tai - Mocktail Recept
    Gemaakt in Trader Vic's, de Grote Opa van de Tiki Bars - de Mai Tai is de fruitige favoriet op basis van rum van hornswogglers, dekzwabbers en scheurbuikende honden uit alle hoeken van de wereld.
  • Alcoholvrije Jungle Bird - Mocktail Recept
    Like the Dove I met in Florence with dreams of seeing America. He made it as far as Portugal before his life was cut wistfully short by a particularly spotless window. A toast to my favourite aperitif and my would be Americano.
  • Alcoholvrije Cuba Libre - Mocktail Recept
    When Capt. John Russell, an American soldier stationed in Havana in 1900 ordered a rum and cola, little did he know he had just invented what is now the most popular cocktail in the entire world. Way to make history.
  • Alcoholvrije Dark Rum & Cola (Dark Cane Spirit) Mocktail Recept
    Whether you've been proudly captaining a misbegotten crew on the high seas or riding a wave of personal bests at the gym - this here is a beverage to slake any man, woman or bird's thirst. Settle up for a quiet tipple or two.




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