• Lyre's Festival Spritz Recept
    To start your own music festival, you need the following: 1. A large family estate in the country 2. A Great Uncle in the music biz 3. Lyre's Festival Spritz.
  • Alcoholvrije Bianco Spritz Pitcher - Mocktail Recept
    The key to sustaining a superlative summer is staying cool at all times. For those without the affluence for a quick jaunt to the arctic like me, nothing chills the frills like a Bianco Spritz by the pool. Too cool!
  • Alcoholvrije Dry Vermouth (droog aperitief) on Ice - Mocktail Recept
    Drinking an Aperitif Dry on ice is like giving your mouth a little gift. Raising it to your lips, your mouth experiences the subtle lifted citrus notes and fresh herb flavours. Your mouth is refreshed, it is cleansed, it is grateful.
  • Non-Alcoholic Bianco Spritz Recipe | Lyre's
    Delightfully refreshing with a hint of orange and a slice of cucumber, legend has it that the Bianco Spritz was the favoured beverage of the 1st Cavalry Regiment. This was before horses had been invented, so they had plenty of spare time on their ...
  • Lyre's Orchard Fizz Niet-Alcoholische Cocktail
    This cocktail is the essence of Summer. The splendid combination of London Dry Spirit, Amaretti and Lyre's Aperitif Dry is like biting into a fresh, crisp Granny Smith. Delicious!
  • Alcoholvrije Dry Gin Martini - Mocktail Recept
    Lieve Jameshhh. Eresch ietsscch dat je moet weten. De perfecte Dry Martini moet eigenlijk worden geroerrrrd niet gessschud. Yoursssh Sinssherely, Mish Moneypenny.




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