• Alcoholvrije Americano - Mocktail Recept
    Like the Dove I met in Florence with dreams of seeing America. He made it as far as Portugal before his life was cut wistfully short by a particularly spotless window. A toast to my favourite aperitif and my would be Americano.
  • Alcoholvrije Tarocco Highball - Mocktail Recept
    The Tarocco highball - a delightful crimson creation - the slightly bitter blood orange is softened and soothed by the vanilla syrup and tonic. Can you dig it baby? Yes, you can.
  • Alcoholvrije Spritz Recept #2 Pitcher - Mocktail Recept
    Take Dry London Spirit, add Italian Orange then drizzle with soda, and you too will be Puttin' on the Spritz. But, it's even better because it's in a pitcher.
  • Alcoholarme Italian Orange en Triple Sec Summer Spritz
    Met een vleugje sinaasappel, vlierbloesem en passievrucht die rondfladdert als vlinders in een weide van tonic, smaakt deze ongelooflijk verfrissende drank absoluut niet als kauwgom.
  • Alcoholvrije Pink Gin Fizz - Mocktail Recept
    This particular cocktail is so jolly English, if it was a living thing it would look like a cross between the Queen's favourite Corgi and Wimbledon centre court. It squashes Dry London spirit, Elderflower tonic and Orange blossom politely together.
  • Lyre's Festival Spritz Recept
    To start your own music festival, you need the following: 1. A large family estate in the country 2. A Great Uncle in the music biz 3. Lyre's Festival Spritz.
  • Alcoholvrije Gin (London Dry Spirit) Basilicum Gimlet - Mocktail Recept
    Basil Gimlet. Now that is a great name. The eclectic combination of Dry London Spirit, Mint Tea Syrup and basil is like a Tally Ho! for your taste buds.
  • Alcoholvrije Dry Vermouth (droog aperitief) on Ice - Mocktail Recept
    Drinking an Aperitif Dry on ice is like giving your mouth a little gift. Raising it to your lips, your mouth experiences the subtle lifted citrus notes and fresh herb flavours. Your mouth is refreshed, it is cleansed, it is grateful.
  • Alcoholvrije Bianco Spritz Pitcher - Mocktail Recept
    The key to sustaining a superlative summer is staying cool at all times. For those without the affluence for a quick jaunt to the arctic like me, nothing chills the frills like a Bianco Spritz by the pool. Too cool!
  • Alcoholvrije Coffee (Likeur) Originale Affogato - Mocktail Recept
    There are few things in life that compare to an indulgent meal overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany. Though a decadent dessert cocktail can elevate any dining occasion.
  • Niet-alcoholisch Amaretti (Amaretto) Affogato Mocktail Recept | Lyre's
    It takes round the clock attention and the strictest of diets, to look this effortlessly exquisite. But when the dinner fork's laid down and the dessert cart rolls out, all bets are off. One simply must find time to treat oneself.
  • Alcoholvrije Pina Colada - Mocktail Recept
    Some say this iconic, tropical cocktail is making a comeback, we say it never went away. White Cane spirit, coconut water, pineapple a splash of sugar syrup. Club Tropicana, drinks are free, fun and sunshine, there's enough for everyone. All that'...
  • Niet-alcoholisch Italian Orange & Tonic Recept
    Eenvoudig hoeft niet gewoon of saai te betekenen. En in dit geval is het juist het tegenovergestelde. Lyre's Italian Orange is zo complex, het is een raadsel gewikkeld in een raadsel. Met bloedsinaasappel in de hoofdrol, de robijnrode grapefruit danst met...
  • Alcoholvrije Spritz Recipe #2 - Mocktail-recept
    Heb je de welgestelden gezien, op en neer op Park Avenue met dit drankje in hun handschoen? Neem Dry London Spirit, voeg Italian Orange toe en besprenkel met soda, en ook jij bent Puttin' on the Spritz.




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