• Lyre's Cosmopolitan
    Deze legendarische cocktail heeft een complex verleden. Is hij ontstaan in Miami of NYC, we weten het niet zeker, waarschijnlijk een beetje van beide, maar wat we wel weten is dat deze Cran-tini stijl drank hier is om te blijven
  • Lyre's Blackberry smash
    De Lyre's Blackberry Smash is een serieus goede zomercocktail. Dit drankje is een riff op een Julep, en zit vol verse bramen, geurige munt, kruidige gember en American Malt. Dit is een perfecte manier voor whisky liefhebbers.
  • Alcoholvrij Italiaans Highball Mocktail-recept
    De Italian Highball is een bruisende sensatie. Het combineren van de bubbels van tonic en soda om de Lyre's Italian Spritz als een smakelijkere en gezondere versie van een spritz
  • Lyre's Orchard Fizz Niet-Alcoholische Cocktail
    This cocktail is the essence of Summer. The splendid combination of London Dry Spirit, Amaretti and Lyre's Aperitif Dry is like biting into a fresh, crisp Granny Smith. Delicious!
  • Non-Alcoholic Mojito Pitcher Mocktail Recipe | Lyre's
    Mojito, si Grande! Lyre's White Cane Spirit, muddled mint and hints of sugar cane, a true mojito should be stirred using the bill of a giant marlin and enjoyed with a Montecristo rolled by Blackbeard himself.
  • Alcoholvrije Dry Collins - Mocktail Recept
    This refreshing, lemony cocktail has been imbibed on the beaches, the seas and the fields of Britain and its far-flung colonies since Winston was in short pants.
  • Alcoholvrije Dark Rum & Cola (Dark Cane Spirit) Mocktail Recept
    Whether you've been proudly captaining a misbegotten crew on the high seas or riding a wave of personal bests at the gym - this here is a beverage to slake any man, woman or bird's thirst. Settle up for a quiet tipple or two.
  • Alcoholvrije Cuba Libre - Mocktail Recept
    When Capt. John Russell, an American soldier stationed in Havana in 1900 ordered a rum and cola, little did he know he had just invented what is now the most popular cocktail in the entire world. Way to make history.
  • Alcoholvrije Clover Club Punch - Mocktail Recept
    Like many of the pre-Prohibition stalwarts, the Clover Club was rediscovered, and is rightfully considered a classic, with the combination of egg whites, raspberry syrup and fresh raspberries making for a delightfully fruity treat.
  • Alcoholvrije Lyre's Breakfast Club Punch Pitcher
    Whether you're a rebel, outcast, geek, jock or a homecoming queen, you should always start the day with a good hearty breakfast. This punch contains all the essential fruits food groups, along with London Dry Spirit and a splash of Cranberry Juice.
  • Alcoholvrije Boulivardier - Mocktail Recept
    Take a Negroni, swap the gin for a generous splash of American Malt and you my good sir, are ready for an evening saunter down this most bodacious of boulevards.
  • Alcoholvrije Rosa Negroni - Mocktail Recept
    The key to success is to find something great and make it greater still. Innovation is imperative, mio amico. Like an extendable back scratcher that goes where no itch has scratched before. Or perhaps a humble Negroni with a fragrant coastal twist.
  • Alcoholvrije  Rum Collins - Mocktail Recept
    I took a summer sojourn from the pirate life, I uncovered a bounty worth its weight in doubloons and perfect for any summer gathering. When life gives you lemons, make a White Cane Collins, savvy?




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